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Unlock the potential of your business with our cutting-edge cloud and hosting options – seize the opportunity today!

Cloud computing is like having your own virtual toolbox stored online. Instead of needing to buy and maintain lots of physical tools (like servers and storage devices), you can access everything you need over the internet. It's convenient, flexible, and saves you money because you only pay for what you use.


Your Cloud Solutions Experts

USA Cyber's Cloud and Hosting services allow you to take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer.

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High-availability infrastructure that guarantees 99.99% uptime.

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State-of-the-art redundant power feeds to ensure uninterrupted service.

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Unique systems architecture for a constantly perfect-conditioned environment.

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Stringent physical security standards to guarantee absolute protection of your data.

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Microsoft 365 Services

vCIO Consulting

vCIO Consulting

The Results

Cloud computing providers are indispensable for businesses, offering benefits like flexible resource allocation without hefty upfront costs, enabling collaboration from anywhere, and ensuring top-notch security, updates, and backups. With cloud computing, businesses can streamline operations, drive innovation, and stay ahead in the digital game.

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Cloud computing enables resource pooling, allowing multiple users to share computing resources efficiently. This can lead to higher utilization rates and reduced energy consumption compared to traditional on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud computing providers continually introduce new services and features, enabling businesses to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions more quickly. Users can experiment with new technologies and scale their operations rapidly without the constraints of traditional IT infrastructure.

Cloud providers invest heavily in security measures to protect data and infrastructure from cyber threats. They often employ dedicated security teams, encryption protocols, and compliance certifications to ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Discover the Evidence

Dealing with a cyber attack can be a challenge for any organization. It can lead to the loss of money or the theft of personal, financial and medical information, which can damage an organization's reputation and safety.

Our experienced digital forensics team is dedicated to providing unparalleled expertise and support in navigating the complexities of cyber investigations. With a diverse skill set and cutting-edge tools, we help organizations uncover, preserve, analyze and report electronic evidence, ensuring a swift resolution of security incidents.

Identify the devices or systems that may contain relevant evidence. This may include computers, smartphones, servers, or other electronic devices.

Safeguard electronic evidence by securing the scene, documenting the environment, creating a forensic image, maintaining a chain of custody, and ensuring proper storage and handling.

This careful approach preserves the evidence's integrity and admissibility in legal proceedings.

Once the evidence is secured and preserved, it must be collected in a way that does not alter or compromise its integrity.

Our team will image the hard drive or memory of the device, copying files or emails, or collecting network logs.

Analyze relevant information by examining logs, files, and other data to reconstruct the events leading up to the cyber incident.

Specialized software tools or manual examinations will be utilized during this phase.

The analysis results are compiled into a comprehensive report that details the findings and conclusions of the investigation, providing actionable recommendations to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The findings and conclusions of the investigation can be presented in legal proceedings, or to stakeholders, management, or regulators, providing an accurate and compelling explanation of the incident.

Expert testimony provides invaluable insights in legal proceedings involving cyber incidents, establishing the credibility of digital evidence and helping to achieve a favorable outcome.

By partnering with our experienced forensic investigators, organizations can benefit from our expertise in digital forensics to support their case in court.

Digital forensics can provide admissible evidence in court, which can be used to support or refute a legal claim or argument.

Forensic investigations can identify the unauthorized access or theft of sensitive information, safeguarding an organization's intellectual property.

Forensic investigations help determine the underlying causes of cyber incidents, enabling organizations to address vulnerabilities and prevent future occurrences.

The Results

Digital forensics provides numerous benefits for organizations, law enforcement, and individuals facing cyber-related incidents or investigations. 

Take proactive steps today to limit the potential damages from a cyber attack tomorrow.