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Microsoft Office, featuring Outlook, Word, and Excel, empowers you to accomplish tasks and stay connected with important contacts.

Microsoft Office 365 provides access to the full range of productivity tools from any device and location throughout the year. USA Cyber, a company specializing in Microsoft Office 365 support, aids businesses in transitioning to the Cloud.


The Experts You Can Trust

As a Managed IT service provider and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), you can depend on us for the risk skills, tools and best practices for Microsoft 365 solutions and migrations to the cloud, as well as ongoing support and management of your Microsoft 365 environment.

A team of certified Microsoft cloud experts who can design, implement, and manage Microsoft 365 solutions that meet your specific needs and budget.

Extensive experience in migrating businesses of all sizes and industries to Microsoft 365, with minimal disruption and downtime.

Flexible and affordable pricing models, including pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription plans, that allow you to scale up or down as your business grows?

Our specialists replicate real-world attacks on these systems and applications to pinpoint potential entry points for an attacker already within the network.

24/7 monitoring, security, backup, and support for your Microsoft 365 environment, ensuring optimal performance and availability.

The ability to leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365, including collaboration, communication, security, and productivity tools, such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Outlook.

We assess your existing IT infrastructure, business needs, and objectives, then suggest the optimal Microsoft 365 plan and features for your organization.

We create a detailed migration plan and timeline, outlining the tasks, roles, and responsibilities of each party, and the expected outcomes and benefits.

We execute the migration plan, using proven tools and methods, and ensuring data integrity, security, and compliance throughout the process.

Upon obtaining access, we will strive to retain that access and elevate privileges, aiming to achieve greater control over the target system or network.

The Phases

To cater to your specific requirements and ensure the provision of optimal Microsoft 365 services, USA Cyber goes above and beyond by offering a meticulously crafted, comprehensive, and organized game plan. This strategic approach is designed to provide thorough support throughout every stage of the process, ensuring a seamless and effective integration of Microsoft 365 into your organization. Our commitment is to deliver not only superior services but also a personalized and attentive experience tailored to meet your unique needs. With USA Cyber's detailed game plan, you can rest assured that your journey with Microsoft 365 will be smooth, efficient, and aligned with the specific goals and objectives of your organization.

The Results

USA Cyber provides Microsoft Office 365, facilitating the transition of your company to the cloud for convenient access to files, emails, and essential information.

Are you ready for your business to expand by using Microsoft 365?

Gain the flexibility and convenience of accessing your contacts, files, emails, and calendars seamlessly from any location. This enhanced accessibility ensures that you can stay connected and manage your important data with ease, no matter where you are located, fostering a more efficient and streamlined workflow for your daily tasks.

Experience a simplified and enhanced capability to communicate and collaborate effortlessly with colleagues, customers, and partners. Unlock the power to seamlessly share files from any device or location, empowering you to engage in productive interactions and collaborative efforts with greater flexibility and convenience. This streamlined communication approach not only fosters stronger connections within your professional network but also promotes a dynamic and responsive collaboration environment. Embrace the convenience of file sharing across various devices and locations, making your collaborative endeavors more accessible, efficient, and conducive to achieving shared goals.

Embrace enhanced scalability tailored to cater to your distinctive requirements, as your subscription model empowers you to pay exclusively for the precise size and scope of services that align with your organizational needs. This flexible and adaptable approach ensures that your investment in services is finely tuned to the specific demands of your operations, providing a cost-effective solution that grows or contracts in tandem with your evolving business dynamics.

Enjoy robust protection for sensitive data with our comprehensive security measures, featuring advanced, built-in security features. These safeguards are meticulously designed to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the utmost security for all your sensitive information. Our commitment to cutting-edge security ensures a robust defense against unauthorized breaches, providing you with the peace of mind that your valuable data is well-protected and secure.

Ensure uninterrupted business operations with our dependable business continuity solutions, minimizing downtime through a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and incorporating built-in disaster recovery features. Designed to keep your business up and running, our comprehensive approach to continuity planning is fortified by a commitment to high availability and resilient disaster recovery mechanisms. This assurance of reliability not only safeguards your operations against potential disruptions but also underscores our dedication to providing a seamless and resilient business environment for your sustained success.